Scheduled Hikes

 High Peaks Hikes Planned for 2012

All hikes are subject to change! Please consult our website for the latest details


January 14-Hike

January 22-Stroll

Celo to Crabtree Falls to Seven-Mile Ridge

Historic Burnsville

February 11-Hike

February 26-Stroll

Grassy Ridge to Isom Mine

Roaring Fork Falls

March 17-Hike

March 25-Stroll 

Two Hikes starting at Cattail...One to Deep Gap/Celo...the other on Railroad-Grade

Devil’s Den Nature Loop and Setrock Falls

April 14-Hike

April 22-Stroll

High Rocks (on the AT south of Spivey Gap on US-19W)

Victor Fields

May 12-Hike

May 27-Stroll

Roaring Fork to Big Hump

Douglas Falls

June 2-Hike

June 24-Stroll

Grassy Ridge Bald from Carvers Gap at Roan Mountain

Lower River Loop

July 14-Hike

July 29-Stroll

Mt. Mitchell (western slope) to Ogle Gap

Old Mount Mitchell Trail

August 11-Hike

August 26-Stroll

Mt. Mitchell Loop

Postponed to Sept 1

Sept 1- Information Session/Stroll

Sept 8- Hike

Sept 16 - CMC Hike

Sept 30-Stroll

Slithery Friends at Carolina Hemlocks

Curtis Creek 100th Anniversary Hike to Mackey Mt.

Lost Cove

Loop Trail at the Orchard

October 6-Hike

October 28-Stroll

Mt. Mitchell to Deep Gap on Crest Trail

Green Knob Firetower from Blue Ridge Parkway

November 10-Hike

November 25-Stroll

Bolen's Creek to Jumpoff Gap to Ray Mine Loop

Bolen's Creek to Water-Intake

December 8-Hike

December 22-Stroll (Date Change!)

Celo Community Trails

Historical Stroll around the town of Burnsville


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