Volunteers Spend Vacation Improving Nature Trail at Mt. Mitchell

While some folks spend their vacations on cruises or at luxury resorts, five hardy volunteers from the American Hiking Society recently spent their time off lugging big timbers and building steps on the Balsam Nature Trail at Mt. Mitchell State Park.

Join High Peaks for Stroll Near Grandfather Mountain Friday, Sept. 10

Join High Peaks for a moderate 5-mile loop stroll on the Boone Fork Trail just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Grandfather Mountain on Friday, Sept. 10. The trail features Hebron Falls, a gorgeous waterfall.

Strollers can do the whole loop or go out as far as they want and turn around to make a shorter trip. The elevation gain is about 500 feet and the stroll is rated as moderate. The trailhead is about an hour drive from Burnsville.

High Peaks Leads Loop Hike Sept. 3

Join NC High Peaks on Friday, Sept. 3 for a fun but challenging hike down the Bald Knob Ridge Trail followed by a climb back up the Buncombe Horse Range Trail.

This 8.5-mile hike will include a descent of about 1,400 feet and a climb of about 2,000 feet, so it should only be tackled by fit, experienced hikers.

Join High Peaks for Aug. 20 Mt. Mitchell Stroll

Join the NC High Peaks Trail Association at cooler, high elevations for a moderate stroll from Mt. Mitchell to Mt. Craig on Friday, Aug. 20.

Join High Peaks for Aug. 13 Hike at Mt. Mitchell

Join the NC High Peaks Trail Association at cooler, high elevations on Friday, Aug. 13 when the group leads a strenuous hike along the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and then climbs to the Mt. Mitchell summit. 

The five-mile hike will ascend about 1,200 feet and has some rugged sections, so only experienced hikers should participate. 

High Peaks Leads Pleasant Stroll on Friday July 23

Join NC High Peaks for a pleasant stroll to the Blue Ridge Pinnacle with an optional extra excursion to the Green Knob Fire Lookout on Friday, July 23.

The hike up the Pinnacle is an easy loop of about 2 miles with an elevation gain of about 500 feet. The Pinnacle, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near the turn to Mt. Mitchell, offers outstanding, 360-degree views.

Hike Peaks Leads Hike to Historic Cattail Mine July 2

Hike POSTPONED until Friday, July 9 due to weather.  Please contact the hike leader to confirm you will be joining the hike.

Join the NC High Peaks Trail Association on Friday, July 2 for an adventurous hike to the old Isom Mica Mine on the flanks of the Black Mountains above the Cattail community.

High Peaks Leads Easy, Scenic Stroll June 9

Join the NC High Peaks Trail Association for an easy stroll along the Laurel River in Madison County on Wednesday, June 9.

This outing is open to the public but limited to 12 hikers, and is one of the less-challenging ventures the club offers in hopes of engaging folks who may be new to hiking or are trying to “get back into shape.” Although rocky, the trail is nearly level. The hike is an “out-and-back,” so hikers can turn around at any point.

High Peaks Kicks Off Summer Hikes with Mt. Mitchell Loop Friday, June 4

After a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, High Peaks is moving into the summer with a full slate of recreational hikes, starting Friday, June 4 with a strenuous loop hike at Mt. Mitchell.

Weather Station Repaired

This pic shows our anemometer (for wind speed and direction), radio and webcam on top of the Classroom Building at Mount Mitchell SP.  We fixed the system on Wednesday by replacing a broken wire to the radio.  The webcam and weather station are now back in operation.  You can view it on the HP website at:


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