Friends of Mt. Mitchell State Park Hike


NC High Peaks Trail Association in our role as the Friends of Mt. Mitchell State Park will be leading hikes at the Park in conjunction with the Park Staff.  These hikes are primarily designed for day visitors to the Park but High Peaks members and friends are always welcome.  The next hike will be Sunday July 15 and then once or twice per month on weekends.  Watch the website for the schedule.  Two hikes will be led each day:
10:00 AM Camp Alice History Hike, starts at the Ranger Office at Stepps Gap and goes about 1.2 miles on an easy gravel road to the site of Camp Alice and returns.
2:00 PM Mt. Craig Nature Hike, starts at the Picnic Area just below the summit parking lot and goes to Mt. Craig following a portion of the Crest Trail for about a mile and returns.