High Peaks Trail Maintenance This Friday, August 23


The Black Mountain Crest Trail is in bad need of maintenance thanks to all the rain which has allowed the weeds to flourish.  There are also weeds and briars on the top section of the Woody Ridge Trail.  So Friday we plan to address these problems.  We will all go in using "Grace's Ladder" that connects the "High Grade" to the Crest Trail.  Dennis will ferry a weed-eater and a saw on his ATV up to the base of Grace's Ladder.  The rest of the crew will drive up Winter Star Road, past Five Maples and as far as the first or second creek crossing.  We will hike in and out from there.

Meeting time will be 8:10 AM in Burnsville.  John and Susan will meet the crew across from the Weller's at 8:30 AM.  Please let me know if you plan to join us and where you will meet the crew.  Weather looks good although it can certainly change by Friday so watch for further announcements and/or e-mails.  Saturday will be our backup date (or we may even continue working from Deep Gap on Saturday).
Contact johnwhitehouse@nchighpeaks.org or 682-3217.