NC High Peaks Adds Moderate Hikes to 2017 Schedule

The NC High Peaks Trail Association will add a number of moderate hikes to its 2017 schedule in an effort to attract new hikers and those who are working to improve their physical fitness. The first such hike will be on Sat., Feb 11 along the Appalachian Trail, with details to be released the week before the hike.

“We’re adding seven hikes that are less strenuous and more suited to hikers with moderate conditioning and skills,” said High Peaks President John Whitehouse. “We also want to continue offering challenging, strenuous hikes, so this will be a way to do both.”

The club’s 2017 schedule, developed by long-time hike leader Dennis Smith, is focused on hiking the sections of the Appalachian Trail that pass through Yancey County and nearby areas. Several of those hikes include long, hard climbs and distances of 8 to 10 miles.

The moderate hikes will be scheduled for the same day as the regular hikes, but will typically be 5 miles or less in length with significantly less elevation change. They will also be “in-and-out” jaunts, allowing hikers to turn around at any point and head back to the starting point, Whitehouse said.

For a look at the hike schedule, go to the High Peaks website,

“The AT hikes will typically offer outstanding views along beautiful sections of the famous hiking trail,” Whitehouse said. “We need additional hike leaders, particularly for the moderate hikes. Leading hikes is fun and you will meet new people with similar interests.  New hike leaders will be assisted by an experienced club member who will provide guidance.”  

Please Contact John Whitehouse at for further information or to volunteer.