High Peaks Birders Host Migrating Bird Stroll May 13

Celebrate the return of our migrant birds with High Peaks Birders!

The public is invited to observe migrating birds moving through and feeding in the forest edge at Ridge Junction Turnout (Milepost 355.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway) on Friday, May 13. Each spring, millions of birds sweep north through the Appalachian forests from their wintering areas in Central and South America enroute to their northern breeding areas.

It can be quite a spectacle during the peak of migration that should be well underway by then. You do not need to be an avid birdwatcher to participate. We plan to meet at Ridge Junction at 7:00 AM and stay as long as we want. You may come and go as you wish.

During the stroll, we request that you have a mask at the ready and wear it either full time, or when you get close to one or more people to get a better view of a bird. We are not asking people to reveal vaccination status, but we still all need to remember that we could be asymptomatically infected, and thus could easily transmit the new, more transmissible COVID variants.

Parking will be at the Ridge Junction Overlook (mile 355.3 of the Blue Ridge Parkway.)

Even though it will be Spring, it can be quite cold and windy and you should have warm layers and rain gear available just in case. As always, check the High Peaks Facebook page or website, www.nchighpeaks.org, for last-minute changes due to weather.

We hope to see you at Ridge Junction!

Photo Info: Strollers will get the chance to see gorgeous migrating birds like this Hooded Warbler on the May 13 birding stroll.