First Annual Membership Meeting


Our First Annual Membership Meeting will be November 14 (Monday) at 6 p.m. in the Community Room on the second floor of the NEW Yancey County Library (321 School Circle, across from the Parkway Playhouse) in Burnsville, NC!!


Please become a member and join us as we elect the five member Board for the NC High Peaks Trail Association as well as to hear updates on our on-going activities and to set priorities for the upcoming year. You can easily join on our website ( using either a credit card or PayPal or you can complete and mail-in a Membership Application Form which can be found on the back of the attached "HighPeaks Echos Newletter" (we've been busy!).


Members in good-standing as of November 13 will be eligible to vote. Members include both Individual Members and all Family Members over the age of 18. The slate of Board Members recommended by the Nomination Committee are: Jake Blood, Alan Orovitz, Carolyn Raichle, Dennis Smith and John Whitehouse. Any member in attendance can also nominate individuals to be considered. If you can not attend and would like to vote, please use the attached ballot which can be found at the bottom of this page.  You may vote for the five recommended candidates or write-in a candidate who then will be considered at the meeting with your write-in being counted as a vote for that individual.


It has been one year since the North Carolina High Peaks Trail Association was incorporated as a non-profit. The incorporators -- myself, Alan Orovitz and John Whitehouse -- have been busy writing and adopting the by-laws which make the organziation a membership driven entity. We have been joined by many, and in this short year, we have led hikes, completed trail maintenance, adopted overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway and a section of NC-80, started a trail at Mountain Heritage High School, received an Adopt-a-Trail grant from the NC Parks and Recreation Division, and worked to increase the awareness of the great outdoors here in the highest peaks of the eastern United States! Please join us as we elect our leadership and set the priorities for the upcoming year!! See you on the trails (and at the NEW Yancey County Library!!)