Join Southeastern Trust for Parks & Land Board Director Aimee Tomcho for an easy Earth Day Sunday stroll to identify spring’s earliest songbirds. We will visit the Golden-winged Warbler habitat restoration area to learn about the work the Trust is doing to help save this imperiled species. We are sure to see a diversity of wildflowers too. Binoculars nor expertise required to attend! The walk will have a slow pace on a wooded trail with relatively flat terrain and will last approximately 2 hours.

We will meet at 11:30 at 5795 Bald Mountain Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714. Please carpool as parking is limited.  Location: Bald Mountain Creek Nature Preserve (  Questions should be directed to Dennis Smith 828-284-4000 or

In addition to migrating songbirds, we have hopes of seeing the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds which have returned to their summer home here in the mountains.  These beautiful birds weigh less than a nickel and fly over 500 miles to their winter homes as far away as Mexico.  Their wings beat approximately 53 times per second and they can fly 30 MPH, 60 MPH if diving.  The average life span is 3 to five years and studies have proven they do return to the same location from year to year.   Photo Credit: Images by

Ruby throated Hummingbird