NC High Peaks Trail Association will have its Annual Meeting on September 30 at the Mount Mitchell State Park Restaurant Lounge.  The meeting will start at 10 am.  All members and the public are invited.   Our guest speaker will be Kevin Cox who will talk about the history of Mount Mitchell and show some of his large collection of photos and artifacts he has collected over the years.  There will be a short social afterwards.

Also, we will be electing five  members to the Board of Directors.  Each High Peaks individual or family member can vote for up to five nominees including writing in anyone nominated from the floor of the meeting.  

NC High Peaks Trail Association 2022 Nominees for the Board of Directors

Buzz Kaas

Joe Lappin (incumbent)

Diane Schramm

Susan Weller (incumbent)

Sandy Whitehouse


Candidate statements were sent out earlier to High Peaks members.

Hope to see you at the Annual Meeting!

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