Lost Cove Hike


We'll meet on the Burnsville Town Square at 8:30 am or at the gate to FS road 278 on White Oak Flats Road at 9:15. We will perform trail maintenance (lopping and down tree removal) while hiking 2.5 miles in with a 1000-foot elevation drop. We'll have lunch in Lost Cove and visit the cemetery on the land the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy recently acquired. Then we'll hike back up the 1000-feet and 2.5 miles to the trail head on FS road 278 below Joe Louis Fields. We will also be dropping off some 'Trail Magic' on the Appalachian Trail at Spivey Gap for AT-through hikers, so if anyone wants to bring something to contribute that would be great. Small quantities of toiletries, sunscreen, packaged snacks, fresh fruit, etc. are always appreciated!

We're invited for a meal at the Walkers after our hike. Lynn says, "Ken and I want to invite hikers back to our house after the Lost Cove hike for Buffalo wings, snacks, drinks.  They can bring a snack to share and any particular beverage they may want.  I'll be at Town Square to take any items on to the house and then we'll give directions on Saturday to those who are coming. (We live on Jack's Creek, about a mile in from 19E)  Folks  don't have to bring food to come--just if they want to.  Would love to have everybody there!"


So if you're planning to hike and eat, meet on the Town Square at 8:30 or at the gate to FS road 278 on White Oak Flats Road at 9:15 this Saturday, April 13. (If you're coming directly to the FS road 278 and want to bring food to share afterwards, plan for it to stay in your car while hiking- use a cooler or bring something non-perishable.)


And don't forget to bring some Trail Magic if you'd like to share with through hikers on the Appalachian Trail.If you have any questions, call hike leader John Whitehouse, 682-3217.